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Smack the Pony TV Series 1999–2003 - IMDb Predictably, male stupidity was often the butt of the joke, as with the boyfriend buying a bra for his girlfriend who, when asked for her size, answers "about five foot four", or the relationship discussion in which a guy admits the reason he is dating a girl is that "I would like to see your tits at some point". Comedy · Three female comics perform sketches dealing with a wide variety of topics, from. I love the "video interviews" for the Dating Service. It's sometimes.

How we made Smack the Pony Television & radio The Guardian Every episode also had one musical number towards the ending, which was usually a pastiche or spoof of contemporary music. Sally Phillips, Doon Mackichan and Fiona Allen in Smack the Pony. I remember doing one of the dating agency videos, and seeing the.

Smack the Pony - Dating Agency Videos 6 - YouTube The main performers on the show were Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips. Aug 15, 2009. How did they get so many ideas. It's just amazing. And literally 98% of them are actually, genuinely really funny. Absolutely incredible.

Smack The Pony Series - TV Tropes There is no tub-thumping here, but instead a series of witty takes on the everyday concerns of the average twenty- or thirty-something modern woman. Competition in the workplace, disastrous relationships, nhtmare dating, foolish flirting and unrequited lust were all topics that recurred throughout the show's two series. Smack the Pony is a British Sketch Comedy show that aired on Channel 4 from. Girl-on-Girl Is Hot One of the recurring "Dating Video" segments involves a.

Smack the pony dating:

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